Course Aim:
The course equips middle managers with functional and operational management skills. The subjects, presented in a practical and hands-on way, enable students to have an overview of the functioning of an enterprise. A graduate will be able to apply management skills in a variety of enterprises and companies and deliver a meaningful contribution to the economy of the country.

The general functions of management are covered, namely, planning, organizing, leading, financial administration and control, coordinating, and human resource management. The emphasis is on the implementation of policy through development and project management.

One of the major subjects of the diploma is Financial Management, which equips the student with an excellent background in financial matters. The other major subject is Management, which is designed to empower the student to apply lateral thinking in business decision-making.

The areas of specialisation are:

Financial Management
Human Resource Management
Marketing Management
General Management

Management involves an understanding of a broad-spectrum of managerial and organisational functions and as such it is a qualification that can give students entry to a wide variety of business opportunities in administration, finance, marketing, personnel and production management.

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Syllabus and fees

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