CPUT is in the process of starting new qualifications and phasing-out old ones, as required by the South African Department of Education.

The new qualifications are introduced to align with the new Higher Education qualification sub-Framework (HEQSF) as Gazetted by the South African Department of Education on 2 August 2013. This is a requirement placed on all Higher Education institutions in the attempt to keep the curriculum relevant.

The new qualifications are:

National Diploma (NQF 6) is replaced by the Diploma (NQF 6)

B-tech (NQF 7) is replaced by Advanced Diploma (NQF 7)

M-tech (NQF 8) is replaced by Masters studies (NQF 9)

D-tech (NQF 10) is replaced by Doctoral studies (NQF 10)

They ensure that the curriculum offered at CPUT can be directly compared to that of other institutions; not only nationally, but also internationally through the benchmarking process that took place during the development of these new qualifications.

2019 is the last year universities will be allowed to register new students for the old qualifications. Students who are busy with the qualifications (pipeline students) will be allowed enough time to finish.

Not all qualifications have been approved, and some are in the final stages of approval, and will be loaded onto the Applications System soon.